DairyvisionVT was initially funded by donations from farmers, agricultural organizations, processors and public funds.  Below is a listing of donors since 2013. DairyVisionVT also applied for and received a grant for the support of the technical assistance providers from the Working Lands Enterprise Board. DairyVisionVT is an approved 501(c)3 public charity.

Working with the DairyVision team was a great experience for us. As a result we have formed an Advisory Board that helps us review the past performance of our farm and plan for the future. DairyVision helped us to be more organized and focused. The consultants were very knowledgeable and helpful in their fields, were professional, and eager to help our farm progress in our desired path.
— Chelsea Sprague, Farmer
DairyVision is a concept that works with dairy farmers in taking a business-minded approach to their dairies and allows them to create a long range and proactive plan that will impact not only them but their future generations as well. I strongly feel this is an exercise that all dairy operations need to undergo in order to remain a player in today’s competitive dairy industry.
— Reg Chaput, Farmer
“The strength of DairyVisionVT is to be engaged in a process of bringing professionals with a sharp focus on agricultural success to a farm and empower that dairy to improve their business model, grow better crops, better their herd health, strengthen environmental stewardship and ultimately grow milk production and opportunities for Vermont farmers.
— Brian Boeman, Certified Crop Advisor