We have assembled a team of experts across all sectors effecting Vermont's dairy farmers. 

RICHARD BARTHOLOMEW, JR., DVM grew up in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s veterinary school in 1994, he entered large animal practice in Granville, NY.  In this six vet practice, Rick was extremely busy treating sick cows and became interested in preventing problems rather than chasing after them.  He developed an interest in nutrition and whole herd management, attending courses across the country.  Through ration formulation and balancing, Rick is able to approach problems such as acidosis and fresh cow diseases proactively.  Rick is also an accomplished equine veterinary dentist, participating in advanced courses offered by the American Association of Equine Practitioners. 

BRUCE DEHM of Dehm Associates in Geneseo, NY, credits his ability to develop user-friendly reports and analyses to his experience in the Peace Corps.  While serving in the organization, the cultural and language differences he experienced emphasized the importance of accurate and efficient communication.  His Farming Systems Research and Extension training at the University of Florida provided a strong foundation and understanding of how the interrelationship of the biological, social, physical and economic environments impact the way crop and livestock farmers make decisions.

Many of the reports, benchmarks and analyses the firm produces are a direct response to the needs of its clients as they try to understand and improve the profitability of their farms.  It is the mission of Dehm Associates to help farms of any size excel and preserve the farm for future generations with accurate and efficient user-friendly decision-making information.

TOM EATON has worked at Agricultural Consulting Services for ten years; for nine of those years, he has been a Certified Crop Advisor.  Currently, he is managing approximately 35,000 acres in Vermont, New Hampshire and Eastern New York based out of his office in Richmond, VT.  He handles about ten CAFO updates a year in New York and thirty MFO/LFO permits in Vermont a year.  He also develops Certified Nutrient Management Plans through NRCS’s EQIP program every year.

He is a Service Manager and Planner at ACS, providing clients with the tools to maximize yields while protecting their soil and water and maintain compliance under state and federal regulation.  He works with Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning, Integrated Pest Management and Crop Consulting.  He also enjoys bringing the best and newest cropping ideas and technologies to his clients.  Through continuing education, he helps his clients implement No-Till Cropping systems, precision agricultural practices and technological advancements which maximize yield potentials and overall efficiency.